Get Charged: Rouses installs first electric vehicle quick charger

WDSU New Orleans – An innovative new addition to downtown New Orleans offers convenience to people driving electric vehicles.

Rouses in the Central Business District now houses the first public electric vehicle quick charging station. It is free to plug in, and if shoppers spend 30 minutes in the store, they can get an 80 percent charge on their vehicle while they shop.

Other public charging stations are around the city, but those can take up to five hours to fully charge an electric vehicle.

Donny Rouse with Rouses Markets said it is a resource that will help draw customers to the store, and offers an added convenience while they shop.

It is a $40,000 investment that’s a partnership between Rouses, Nissan and Solar Alternatives, and will help bring more clean energy vehicles downtown.

This charging station is the only one of its kind in the city and even the state. The next closest one is in Houston.

By: Casey Ferrand