Join 504ward for the South Market District Stroll

We don’t love to admit when people outside of NOLA have discovered a more elevated way to live, but we have to give the Spanish credit: They’ve come up with a pretty fantastic way to dine. Tapas in the true style isn’t just about small bites — it’s about having a small bite at one stop, then continuing on to the next restaurant, meeting new people, walking, and experiencing the neighborhood. And while we would never fault anyone for dining like a true American (sometimes you just need to pig out on a burger, and believe us, we get that), we did want to channel some of that Spanish spirit this summer. So for our next Restaurant Night, it’s not just a Restaurant Night, oh no. It’s a walking/talking/eating tour around the South Market District, with stops at 6 (!) restaurants. We’re taking a South Market District stroll, y’all.

You’ll be getting a look into some of the district’s newest and finest establishments while getting to know Connectors who have had a hand in downtown New Orleans’ development and revitalization. Held on Wednesday, July 12th, we will meet at 6 p.m. at The Beacon at South Market for a happy hour sponsored by The Domain Companies, and then we hit the street, making stops for a bite and quick drink at The Daily BeetThe Company BurgerPart & Parcel Blaze Pizza New OrleansMagasin Kitchen, Maypop and Willa Jean. You’ll get a small sample of all the best they have to offer, and even more fun — each stop will have guest retailers there offering coupons/giveaways, including Higher Power NOLAHair Loft Studio,Simplee Gourmetbarre3Stonefree Boutique, and Hattie Sparks. It’s like a magical Willy Wonka tour of South Market — different tasty treats, gifts, prizes, interesting people. And we promise we won’t turn anyone into a blueberry.

As always for any Restaurant Night, the cost is just $30, inclusive of tax and tip. And there will be several 504ward Connectors — established civic and business leaders in a variety of fields, this time with a special focus on experience in downtown revitalization — joining us for this culinary tour.

This night has it all: Food, great people, more food, networking possibilities, even more food, drinks, prizes, gifts, and even some more food after that. There is still time to sign up right here.